Gypsum City Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Park

The City of Fort Dodge has worked with the Webster County Wheelers, Webster County Improvement Corporation, and many other organizations to create an Off-Highway Vehicle Park in Webster County. Address of the park is:  2390 Millroad, Fort Dodge, Iowa.  The grand opening of the park was held October 5, 2006.  View photos in the Image Gallery.

Request for Qualifications & Proposal for Gypsum City OHV Park Campground - Stage 2 (click here)

Contact Number:  OHV Park Hotline - 515-576-4258

Young Rider at Gypsum City OHV Park
Young Rider at Gypsum City OHV Park
Located just southeast of the City of Fort Dodge, the Gypsum City Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Park will serve as a destination for All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), dirt bike, and snowmobile riders as well as other outdoor enthusiasts from across Iowa and the Midwest and is expected to become Webster County's #1 tourism draw.  Sited on hundreds of acres of land formerly mined for gypsum, the Park will provide a high quality riding experience to users within a regulated riding area.  Since 2000, a dedicated alliance of individuals and groups have been working with local and state officials; gypsum company representatives; and user groups to see the Park through to fruition.  With the consultation of Shive-Hattery, a master planning process was followed and several phases of development were identified.
Phase I opened to the public in July 2006 with approximately 300 acres; however, the Park may grow to 1,500 acres or more upon completion to become the largest Off-Highway Vehicle park in the state.  While the land is owned by Webster County Improvement Corporation (WCIC), the local riding group Webster County Wheelers (WCW) leases the land and operates the facility with support from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.  In 2004, the Park was designated an official riding area by the Natural Resources Commission of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources which requires that it operate under state operational rules and be free to the public.


Gypsum City OHV Park
Gypsum City OHV Park
Phase I includes at least 15 miles of trails running through native prairie vegetation and naturalized trees.  A 1½ mile long motocross course, a safety training area, a youth riding area, and a parking area for 350 vehicles with trailers round out the completed features of Phase I.  Subsequent phases may include camping, picnicking, and other recreational opportunities along with the additional trails.  A welcome center and shelter facilities are also planned.  A large tract of the park will be set aside for conservation with vehicle use prohibited.  Over 5 miles of fencing enclose Phase I and access is controlled from a single entrance.  All vehicles using the Park must have a valid State of Iowa ATV or reciprocal registration. 
$1,096,165 Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources (Grants created from ATV registration funds)
$413,330 Federal Recreational Trail Grant
$250,000 State Recreational Trail Grant
$1,759,495 TOTAL          (as of 10/1/06)
No Local Tax Dollars Have Been Spent in the Creation of the Park
Tentative Phasing Plan for Gypsum City OHV Park
Tentative Phasing and Extents of Gypsum City OHV Park
Gypsum mining in the Fort Dodge area is a large-scale industry dating back to the 1850's.  In fact, Iowa ranks third in the country in the production of gypsum and two-thirds of Iowa's gypsum production comes from the Fort Dodge area.  This translates into a great deal of land that has been disturbed through mining in the area.  The land is no longer suitable for urban development and has few alternative uses making the Gypsum City Off-Highway Vehicle Park an ideal reuse.
The Gypsum City Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Park is a cooperative effort of:
Webster County Improvement Corporation
Fort Dodge Area Convension and Visitors Bureau
City of Fort Dodge
Iowa Motorcycle Dealers Association
Iowa Motorsports Coalition
And finally,
BPB Celotex
Georgia Pacific
National Gypsum
United States Gypsum
Without their participation, the Park would not exist.

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