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  • Envision 2030 Strategic Plan 2011 Update
    2011 Update of Envision 2030 Plan
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    Question 5: What would you change to make this a better place to live and work? [Expletive]-can AID and Merle P. 6 pillars A boys and girls club to keep the youth active and out of trouble. A cleaner, positive town. A community center for families a...
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Envision 2030 Focus Group Sessions

Twenty-one Envision 2030 Focus Group sessions took place in January.  Participants at the focus groups were asked to share information on the community's needs and assets. Additionally, they provided information on things they liked about Fort Dodge and wanted to remain a part of the community in 20 years. 

Focus Group Summary
You can view participant comments by clicking on each question below.
         If available;
                        1 = How would it be different compared to the present time?
                        2 = What would make Fort Dodge such an ideal community?
                        3 = What would the representative take a picture of or capture
                              in a drawing to illustrate how Fort Dodge had become such an
                              ideal community?
                        future generations?
                        need to start doing now to reach this vision?
                        forward to 2030?
                       on weekends?



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